Sunday, August 29, 2010

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made

Alicia Keys wasn't talking about running a marathon, but that's all I think about when she belts out "Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York!" My husband and I are both training for the New York City Marathon in November. This will be the first time we have run the event and my husband is raising money for Team for Kids as part of his journey to the finish line.

Last year while training for the North Olympic Discovery Marathon I suffered an acute injury that forced me to train exclusively in the water or on an elliptical machine, so this time I'm taking a different approach. I'm planning to under train and arrive perfectly healthy. Yep. I'm planning to under train for the New York Marathon.

My plan is to run just three days a week, with one day incorporating intervals or fartleks, depending if I am at the track or out in the trails. Another day will be a tempo run of varying length and intensity or just a good effort on the hilly terrain that starts and ends at my front door.  The third day will be my long run, with a high percentage of those on dirt trails. In between I will be cross-training on a bicycle, swimming, and doing yoga. This is where I have to be careful, because overdoing it in a spin class can make it really hard to come back and hit it hard on a tempo run the next day. The cycling and swimming needs to be kept strictly moderate, aerobically speaking.

This plan is based on the Furman Institutes "Less is More" plan. I used this basic training format before and managed to hit a PR at the Boston Marathon, so I am going back to it. I have finally fully accepted that my body just can't handle high mileage and that works for me because there are so many other things I love to do!

Big Apple, here we come.


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