Thursday, February 18, 2010


by Elisa

The sun! The sun! The sun is out! What can we do to spend as much time as we can out in the sun? I need to log a long run, but not that long. Ok, I know. Let’s run and then bike. That’ll give me the motivation to get through the 8 miles I need to put in for my long run this week.

Michelle and I met at the Pope Resources, Port Gamble Block trail-head at G-07 and ran a 12K course mapped for the Roots Rock Trail Running Series’ Spooky 12k adding in a little extension we were hoping would log to be about a mile. The course is gradually uphill for the first three miles, then flattens out and descends to the finish. It is nice to get all the work done at first and then coast to the finish.

I was wearing my HR monitor to try and use it as a tool in increasing my aerobic fitness level. Last week on our 49.5 mile bike ride, I wore a different one and my heart rate readings were all out of wack – ave. HR 209/max. HR 244. I was a bit concerned but was still walking and talking and did not feel faint, so I went back to my trusty Polar F5 and things began to make sense. As I suspected, my Nike triax c5 is not reading accurately but I still like it better as an all around watch to tell time. I am a beginner when it comes to understanding HR and fitness. After some brief reading from information on the internet, I am still no expert but hope to continue to build on the information I do know.

We came to the end of the run after only an hour and fifteen minutes, which means we under calculated the additional little cut-through. My trail running pace is right at a 10 min/mile. Total distance covered: 7.5 miles. I guess were going to have to ride a bit extra to make up.

Off on the bike. The map below is a graphic of the route. MapMyRide calculated the mileage at 20.5 miles, but the starting location is subjective. Upon ride completcion, the ole' cycling computer clocked the total distance at 21.5 miles.

Once we mounted our bikes at the trailhead, we discussed that we should have parked closer to town. That would have made up the lost mileage on the run and eliminated our need to travel (less than a 1/4 mile) down the dirt/gravel road. Next time. We headed out on Hwy 104 from Port Gamble to Gamblewood/NE 288th, turning left. The four mile stretch of Hwy 104 is the area on the ride with the most vehicle (and large logging truck) traffic. The shoulder is decent and is generally clear, with the occasional patch of debris (mud, rocks, sticks, car tire, etc.) to watch for.

Once on NE 288th we are out of the traffic and onto a neighborhood like thoroughfare. Rolling hills that tend to head uphill on the way out. As we approach Hansville Road there are a couple of doozy hills that take some effort. I am still getting used to the road bike maneuvering of the hills and can say for the uphill, I prefer the likes of my old mountain bike. Good thing the speed and control of the road bike on the downhill makes up for what it lacks in climb-ability. As I get better versed on the gearing of the new bike, I hope to move out of the granny gear for those killer hills.

The loop around Little Boston was great. There is this awesome descent and virtually no incline with the route we took. Maybe next time we should do the loop in reverse.... or maybe not. Kidding! WE LOVE HILLS! (and it would help make the granny gear shift easier.)

Here's a shot of Michelle heading out on Little Boston Road with the Olympics Mountains standing in the distance.

Once back on Hansville Road it is smooth sailing as we are able to descend the previously ascended mounds. Always fun to see if I can hit the 40 mph mark. Not today - max speed 39.8 mph. Average speed for the ride was 15.5 mph.

Great day and looking forward to the next adventure!

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