Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'll see that 15K feet...

...and raise you one snowboarding preschooler.

Having never actually calculated vertical feet, I had to get assistance from the resident skier of our house (who is six years old). Apparently, it's a skier thing. But that wasn't all. I had to actually look up Mission Ridge's mountain stats to do the math. A great way to learn a bit more about my favorite local sliding spot.After replaying the day's events with Max, I actually giggled to myself. How extremely lucky I am to have kids that are as excited to spend a day on the mountain as I am. Sam, my three year old (I only say that because I am quickly running out of time to do so) throws a huge tantrum at the end of each day when we announce that 'this is our last run.'

My husband and I have a slight advantage, if we take into account BOTH days we rode/skied this weekend our total vertical feet is somewhere around 18,000 feet. It just takes us a little longer to get there, but we get it done! Did I mention we practically had the mountain to ourselves on Monday?! (Oh, yeah - we played hookie...)

We've been going to Mission Ridge in Wenatchee, WA since 2006. Currently, Mission is the ONLY ski/snowboard resort in Washington with childcare. As my family is back in the Midwest and Rob's family is on the East Coast, without childcare, well, I don't want to think about it. The daycare is run by Ms. Paula who does a fantastic job managing the facility. All three boys have spent countless hours in the caring environment so conveniently located at the base of the mountain.

Max recently concluded his first Mission Trainer consecutive week lesson package which consisted of a two-hour lesson each Saturday for six weeks and he had so much fun is now signed up for the Spring Sequel, a four week lesson package. This past weekend he was also given the opportunity to give Jr. Devo a trial run. Jr. Devo is an all mountain ski program designed for the younger skiers and snowboarders. We are pretty sure we know where Max will choose to be next year. He had an awesome time being challenged by some older, more experienced seven-year olds.

Did I mention the snow at Mission Ridge? Cascade concrete it is not. The cold temperatures and dry air of eastern Washington keeps the snow that lands at the resort less icy than it can be at other ski areas nearby. On second thought, having the mountain all to ourselves on Monday was pretty cool. The snow isn't that great. Go to Stevens Pass!

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