Monday, March 1, 2010

North Kitsap to Central Kitsap Bike Loop - 38 miles

Thursday - February 25, 2010

After a brief dip in the pool to mainly soak our aching bodies (or mine at least) from yesterday's hiking adventure. We geared up and rode out on what looked to be shaping into a fine mid-day sun filled biking trek. (Nice shades Michelle!)

For Kitsap County, this route is pretty easy-going with rolling hills and flats that are mostly calm with an overall ascent and decent of 1300 ft. The biggest challenge is Bucklin Hill Road in Silverdale and the approach to Viking Way off of Scandia Road. The latter, I thought I was going to have to descend and try again.

Lessons learned: Always be prepared for rain. Soaked to the bone we could not stop laughing. This silly little rain cloud would not leave us alone. Blue sky to the west and blue sky to the east. Right overhead and rain it did. Not just a little NW drizzle, a NW spring downpour. Cameras and cell phones exposed. Feet pedaling in puddles each turn of the crank. Where's my ziplock bag and booties when I need them?

I'll be ready next time.

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