Monday, March 8, 2010

Point No Point Cycle Loop

Friday - March 5, 2010
The Point No Point Lighthouse, built in 1879, is said to be the oldest lighthouse in Puget Sound.  It is located on Point No Point Road off of Hansville Road in Hansville, WA.  The Keeper's house next to the lighthouse is available year round as a vacation rental and the lighthouse is open in the spring and summer for afternoon tours (weekends only).  Point No Point beach is one of Kitsap County's only 'sandy' beaches as most shoreline beaches in Kitsap County are comprised of rocks, barnicles and shells with very little sandy components.  In the summer, a visit to this beach needs to be on the family to-do list. 

Point No Point was our 35 mile pit-stop on our 1/2 century ride on Friday.  With the sun shining and very little breeze, it was a nice place to view Mt. Baker while admiring a pleasure boat passing through Puget Sound. 

Having only a Hammer Gel as my mid-day snack, I was wishing for a full picnic lunch.  Point No Point was definitely a spot I could spend a bit of time basking in the sun and watching the sights.

Our route started at Poulsbo Athletic Club and headed toward Indianola, via Lincoln. 

I had my written route taped to my top tube, but had a pretty good idea in my head how the ride was to go.  Having lived in the Poulsbo/Kingston area for 9 years I have never actually explored the neighborhoods north of the Kingston ferry terminal - I was going to conquere this area on this ride!  The issue is, I struggle with written map directions.  I don't trust them.  They are too literal.  I like visual maps, so I know that the end point is what I expect and can actually SEE that I am making the right turns.  So, I need to practice this.  When the road said 'no outlet' that what I thought.  In reality, we were going to make a loop - so we didn't need an outlet.  Oh well.  Some other time.  (Maybe when I am the first one in line for the next ferry the kids and I can WALK up the hill and see....)

Yet again, I am reminded - how much WE LOVE HILLS!  Kitsap County hills ROCK!

A half-century; from Poulso to Indianola, to Kingston, to Hansville and back, a true North Kitsap tour.  Looking forward to more sunny rides as the weather continues to change from winter to spring.  I'll just let Michelle continue to map the rides....
Michelle & Elisa
NW Adventure Chics at Point No Point
March 5, 2010

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