Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Transitions, and not T1 or T2.  I mean training transitions.  The time post major race event that moves ones' focus to the next major race.  That's where I am or I should say, was most recently. 

I finished the Wenatchee 1/2 Marathon in mid-April and now three weeks later have FINALLY got my head to switch gears onto my next major event - the Blue Lake Olympic Triathlon - in less than four weeks.  A one mile swim, followed by a 26-mile bike with a 10k tacked on the end for a cool-down.

Thankfully, Michelle and I have been maintaining a bike routine (mostly) weekly so I am comfortable that the bike leg will go okay.  I've been making it to the pool weekly with my goal being twice a week but swimming in a pool says NOTHING when preparing for a race that swims ONE MILE in a cold deep lake.  It dawned on me just two days ago that I NEED TO GET INTO THE LAKE! 

Wait!  It's MAY.  In Washington.  The lakes are cold in August in Washington.  Hmmmm?!  Why did think that an oly tri was a good idea in June?  Oh, because that's when it fits into that master schedule I planned out in January.  Time to round up the troops. 

The troops showed up.  We jumped into the lake this morning and swam our first 1/2 mile of the season in open water.... hallelujah!  Yeah, it was cold - but once you get going the coldness wears off and a smile appears because that first plunge is over and now the routine will no longer include a dip in the pool - it'll be off to the lake! 

Olympic Distance was still the right choice!  Right Michelle?!  Good thing we signed up before the swim this morning.

Maybe I should start running again.

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