Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Treading Water

Right. It is a good thing that I signed up for the Blue Lake Tri before swimming in the lake yesterday with the so-called troops. Or is it? I've swam in Wildcat Lake many times in my life and have never worn a wetsuit. Last September at the Tri Turtle Tri, which is held at this very same lake, I felt perfectly fine swimming 800 yards in my two piece swim suit. No problem.  Yesterday, I dug out my old shorty wetsuit, which is a bit too small, and arrived back at the beach after our 1/2 mile swim completely frozen. The water is cold in May. (!)

Mentally I was not in the game either, I was seriously wondering why I signed up for a triathlon of any distance, I don't even like swimming! My wetsuit felt like it was choking me and the range of motion for my arms felt restricted. Plus, the troops were moving out and I was falling behind-flailing. I felt stressed out the whole way across the lake and back, and was happy to see Audrey-one of the troops-come swimming back out to give me moral support for the final 200. I didn't really feel like I was even moving forward at that point, just treading water.

Back on the shore I had to make a real effort to keep my teeth from clacking together; it took me an hour to stop shivering.  This was just a no-good, rotten swim workout for me and the competitor in me needed to do something to get myself back on track, so after I (finally!) warmed up, I made a bee-line for Poulsbo Running to try on full performance wetsuits. They have several choices and offer weekend rentals for $35 . Just trying one on gave me a bit of a boost. The mental edge is not to be trifled with.

It's funny, but it seems to be true that my workouts always seem to mimic how my life is going.  Maybe if I can get rid of that pile of laundry, get my sick kids healthy, and check a few other things off my list, I will have a better swim. Will I be ready in three weeks to swim 1500 meters? My confidence is shaken but I am still resolved to go for it. We'll see. I know the troops will be cheering me on. I may not love swimming, but I do love a challenge.


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