Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Books That Motivate

***One of Sports Illustrated's Ten Best Books of the Year***

"What emerges here is an athlete whose determination is so fierce that it seems almost exotic. She is fit. She is focused. She is Lance Armstrong with body fat." - USA Today

Excerpt from the book:

"The tide was racing at maybe ten knots by now, and the strength of the whirlpool was growing. Immediately, I cut to the right and swam with all my strength. Glancing back over my shoulder, I saw John and the skiff captain caught on the outer edge of the whirlpool." (On her way to being the first person to have swum across the Strait of Magellan.)

"I can do this; I really can do this, without a wet suit or anything to warm me. It is amazing how incredible the human body is that it can do so much. That it can go beyond the everydayness of life; that it can be extraordinary and powerful, and harbor a spirit of hope and pure will." -Lynne Cox

Sometimes the perfect book falls into your hands right when you need it most. If you're training for a triathlon or straight out open water swimming event and you are looking for some motivation, you seriously need to read this book. Oh yeah, and everyone else out there too, swimmer or no. This woman's accomplishments and spirit are truly inspirational.

She set the first of her many world record open water swims when she crossed the English Channel at only sixteen. She eventually swam across the icy Bering Strait-without a wetsuit. She has been studied by scientists eager to find out how she can survive in water temperatures where most would quickly perish. In her book, she does a wonderful job of taking the reader into her mind, so that I felt like I was swimming right there alongside her-if only I had the athleticism, skill and mental toughness to do so.

Happy reading folks!


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  1. sounds like a winner...and love how ironic her name is. : ) love you sis!